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Youth Angels

Youth Angels, The Kirkwood Reading Group [logo]
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It is our mission to instill the 'joy of learning' in each child we reach out to—to introduce our youth to fine literature, new concepts, philosophical discussions and the broadening of their horizons—make them want to learn.

A Note From The Director:

I want to challenge my kids. I want them to want to be better. One of my favorite things to do is to take the underprivileged and turn them into the privileged—hence, private tutoring. We try to match one adult per two children, dividing them into their various reading levels, while keeping the groups small and the focus specia—for each child.

We are fighting very great evils to win a better life for these children. I believe it is of the utmost importance that we anchor ourselves (and teach the children to anchor themselves) to something powerful and loving, as only God is. We are not teaching religion but I encourage the children to embrace it.

On occasion field trips will be available. A tour to Morehouse School of Medicine was provided for Youth Angels, as well as a trip to Georgia Tech’s Ferst Theatre with a play warning of the AIDS epidemic, a visit to the Chihuly Exhibit at The Botanical Gardens would be in line with our mission as well, or perhaps a trip to the High Museum.

This is all in the name of inspiring them to want to go on to further themselves in life, reaching higher in their educational goals and to ultimately better their options, their positions and hence—their lives. That is my goal.

Catherine Dunne

Catherine shown above with two of her youth angels.

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