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Alliance Theatre Tripple Threat Workshop

This "Dream Team" for the Total Performer included Pat Hurley (Alliance Theatre); Carol Szkutek (Atlanta Ballet); and Catherine Dunne, bel canto Voice Teacher. Christina Reaves was the chosen Choreographer, having studied both dance under Ms. Szkutek & voice with Catherine Dunne — a true "triple threat" in her own right.

All these teachers believe in TRAINING in order to give TECHNIQUE to the performer, and added to the performer's own talent and hard work prove a winning combination. [Pianists: Arthur Turner and Alan Dynin]

Seldom does one see a performer skilled in all 3 disciplines. That's what this "Triple Threat" Workshop worked towards developing, with an eventual SHOWCASE at its conclusion to give the added benefit of performance experience. All this goes into creating the "Total Performer."


1) Acting
2) Voice

Pat Hurley

Pat Hurley

Catherine Dunne

Catherine Dunne

3) Dance
Instructor Choreographer

Carol Szkutek

Carol Szkutek

Christina Reaves

Christina Reaves








Cat's Cabaret


Open Mic Night at The Wyndham
Fall /Winter 2005

Performance experience being crucial to the performer's ultimate ability to do well on stage, Ms. Dunne arranged with The Wyndham Hotel in midtown to host "Open Mic Night" for Broadway Musical singers to try their songs out with an accomplished pianist (Alan Dynin on piano).

Valentine's — February 2004

A Cabaret Show, called "Cat's Cabaret" was created and performed at the midtown restaurant, Balance, on 10th & Piedmont, using 2 couples all well-versed in several musical genres: Broadway, Classical & Jazz with the awesome jazz trio of Dave Bass (on sax), Alan Dynin (keyboards) & Tim Delaney on bass (www.davebass.com).  What an evening!



ProActorsStudio.com logo


In order to prepare her Opera singers for an upcoming performance at Oglethorpe University, Ms. Dunne arranged with Nick Conti to add his enormous talent as an Acting Teacher to their performances, by creating an Acting/Singing Workshop at the Professional Actor's Studio (his website can be found at www.ProActorsStudio.com).

Nick Conti's mastery is in pulling "the heart" out of each performer.  Catherine vocally prepares the 12 selected singers/actors to then move into the world of Nick Conti.  His years of experience, excitement in his craft and unbridled energy, together with Catherine's love of voice prove to be a winning combination, creating one of the most powerful and exacting workshops for the performer.

Young Artists Opera Showcase
at Oglethorpe University
(June 2003)

Oglethorpe University was the scene for this Young Artists Opera Showcase (YAOS), giving young Opera singers a chance to show their enormous talent and strict training in this field on the Oglethorpe stage.  Christina Reaves represented the studio of Catherine Dunne, amidst other very talented up-and-coming young Opera singers.


IV. "MOP" (Musical Outreach Program)

M.O.P. (MUSICAL OUTREACH PROGRAM) Shepherd Spinal Center






In order to "give back" to the community, Ms. Dunne encourages her students to participate in her "MOP" program.  She brings her performers into situations where lives need a lift to their spirits and hope put back into their hearts -- and what better way than through music.  This, in turn, continues to create "the total performer" where these gifted performers share their gifts with their fellow men and young people in trouble.

The picture above shows a well-spirited group of "us" who went into the Shepherd Spinal Center and performed one Christmas there.  These same performers join Ms. Dunne as they go into youth detention centers each Christmas and Easter — and in particular, at Dekalb RYDC (Regional Youth Detention Center), where they have just completed their 8th event there this past Christmas 2007 (see "Youth Angels — Performance Events").



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