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RYDC – Youth Detention Center... one step away from adult prison. Left unattended our youth (our very valuable children) – through neglect, lack of caring and lack of resources – will lose their lives, their hopes and their dreams to something evil and incomprehensible to most of us. A life "away from the Light" spent in criminal activity and shut away in prison is the fate that awaits most of these kids.

RYDC attempts to reverse this process by offering the "J.U.S.T. Read" program to the children (ages 12 to 17) who end up in their facility. In conjunction with RYDC's efforts to turn their youth from the wrong path, my performers went over on 3 separate occasions to add "our voice" to the message that these kids count!

Please see below letters of praise and thanks from the President of RYDC's Board of Directors (Alberto Garcia), as well as from RYDC's Director of Security (Eric Green) and their Lead Teacher (Ed Martin) after our performance events were given for the children.

Subject: Volunteer Day
From: Alberto Garcia
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 02:58:40 -0400

Dear Faithful Board members,

I want to express my sincere heartfelt appreciation for Tuesday night. Your presence at my home was an honor that I will carry with me forever. For those that missed it, ask someone who came. Donation: The tremendous talent of Ms. Catherine Dunne's "Cat's Cabaret" was beautiful and truly professional. The performers are extremely poised and superbly blessed with talent. Their Opera pieces mixed with "Dave Brubeck's Take Five" could only have been surpassed by the brilliant voice of their tenor who swept all the ladies right off their feet with his rendition of the "Beatles" long and winding road. Those present swooned....

Thanks again for coming to my home on Tuesday, it was an honor to have you here!


letter from Eric Green

Letter from Ed Martin

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